What tyre machine do I need?

What tyre machine do I need?

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Picking your equipment

With so many different tyre machine combinations it can be a little confusing when starting up in tyres. Here at Tyre Bay Direct we want to make choosing the best tyre equipment for your needs as simple as possible. With over 50 years experience in the tyre industry, we have accumulated valuable knowledge and technical expertise. We have helped customers from all over start up their new tyre business. No matter what you are looking for, we can help.


Tyre machine packages are created by us to offer extra savings when buying multiple machines. They come in Redback, Atlas or Atlas platinum of which we are the exclusive suppliers in the UK and Ireland. Warranty varies with brand but all spare parts stocked in our warehouse in the Midlands, England. With close working relationships with our manufacturers, all machines contain European components and are built to our specification. Each machine is hand built and tested in house before dispatch. We also have an experienced technical team and engineering base. They cover the whole of the UK, so you can rest assured that these tyre machine packages will not only get you started but will provide you with long term support.

What is best for me?

With a range of tyre machine packages including a tyre changer, wheel balancer and a wide range of tyre consumable items, we are sure to find the best machines for you. If you are starting up in tyres as a mobile tyre fitter on a limited budget, we may recommend the Entry Level Package. With a 20″ Semi Automatic Tyre Changer and 24″ Hand Spin Wheel Balancer, these smaller sized machines means limited working space to be maximised.

One of our most popular tyre shop start up packages is the run flat package which features a 24″ Fully Automatic Tyre Changer with 3 Way Assist Arm and a 24″ 2D Motorised Wheel Balancer.

This package will allow you to easily mount, demount and balance nearly every passenger car wheel and tyre combination on the road today. With the pneumatic assist arm it will also make those difficult low profile and run-flat tyres a quick and simple job. All tyre machine packages come with an impressive variety of tyre consumables including tyre valves, balancing weights, repair materials, hand tools, vulcanising chemicals and much more.


Most tyre machine packages on our website are perfectly suited to individual customers’ needs. However, we can of course mix and match the machine combinations to suit you. We also do complete tyre shop start up packages which can include everything needed to start. Tyre changers, wheel balancers, tyre consumables, budget tyre packs, compressors and even Nitrogen Inflation Systems. Installations, demonstrations and full Tyre Fitting Training Courses are also available to help get your tyre business up and running! There is finance and leasing options available to help make manageable and affordable monthly payments.