History of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

History of Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

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History of Uniflate – Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

Roger Stote and Bob Davies formed Pneu-air in 1992. The company emerged as a result of a research program financed by Goodyear Formula 1 and Calor Air Separation with the aim to provide an on site nitrogen production facility to replace the High Pressure Nitrogen bottles that were being used in Formula 1 grand prix.

Goodyear used the first Uniflate System in the Japanese Grand Prix of 1992. Such was the success of the system that All Formula 1 Grand Prix tyres continue to be inflated with Uniflate to the present day through both Pirelli.

Following the Formula 1 success Pneu-air developed the Uniflate retail tyre system to allow the general motorist to experience the pressure retention properties of Uniflate Nitrogen. The first retail systems were launched in January 1999 with Halfords Superstores.

32 further Uniflate Systems were installed throughout Ireland during 1999 and by the Spring of 2002 total of 211 Uniflate Systems had been installed in retail depots throughout the UK and Ireland. In addition 7 mobile tyre service vehicles had been fitted with the Uniflate System.

In 2007/2008 Uniflate systems were installed in every Kwik Fit centre in the UK and the Netherlands totaling almost 1000 systems.

Distributors continue to grow every day and current Uniflate distributors in the UK include, Kwik Fit, Stapletons, North Eastern Tyres and Exhusts, Merit tyre and Selecta tyre chains as well as many independent tyre retail outlets.